Partnering Strategy


X-Rx is actively seeking potential licensing and collaboration opportunities to advance its programs into clinical trials and beyond.



Building on our recent partnering success, we are interested in partners with complementary capabilities and a strong track record of developing and commercializing transformative therapies for difficult to treat diseases, in particular in cancer and immunology.

X-Rx is committed to working with potential partners to identify and implement creative deal structures that meet our mutual needs and strategic objectives.  We’re confident that our platforms, competencies and experience in biopharma R&D and program / alliance management will bring significant value to our partners and help them meet their therapeutic area and pipeline goals.

In 2015, X-Rx has successfully partnered two of its proprietary compounds with leading pharma organizations in major markets. The company is committed to building on this initial success and bringing additional compounds towards a stage where further alliances could be forged.

To discuss potential partnering opportunities, please contact Birgit Zech, our head of business development.