Julie Robey

Director of Project Management

Julie Robey is the director of project management where she works with a team of scientists at X-Rx ensuring timelines are met within the study budget.  Julie brings valuable experience to X-Rx with more than 20 years in the drug research field.

Prior to joining X-Rx, Julie worked with PPD for over 15 years.  While with PPD, she worked in data management, clinical management and project management.  Along with her extensive management experience and operational skills, Julie brings a strong portfolio on therapeutic experience specifically oncology and infectious disease.  During her tenure at PPD, she led multiple teams across Phase I-III studies either meeting or beating challenging timelines across difficult indications.  Over her last two years at PPD she worked with one of PPD’s alliance accounts and established strong relationships within the companies’ leadership teams.  She developed many successful study teams that achieved both corporate and operational goals.  Her record of leading successful trials led to new business and strengthening of the strategic relationship.