About Us

Our Company

X-Rx is a discovery-stage company with the capabilities and know-how to discover and develop first- and best-in-class small molecule medicines in a manner that is rapid, cost-effective and high quality.  

Founded in 2012 by PPD as majority owner, X-Rx is a biotech company with more than 80 years of combined drug discovery and development experience. Together and in partnership with a number of CROs, we focus on the creation of pre-clinical small molecule drug candidates in a manner that is rapid, efficient and high quality. With access to the industry’s best DNA-encoded library screening platform, we are able to address difficult to drug targets, many of which are highly validated and offer first-in–class opportunities. Our primary disease areas are oncology, autoimmunity and fibrosis.


What makes us unique?

  • A collection of high-value targets
  • Access to the industry's best DNA-encoded library screening platform
  • Strong competencies in structure-based drug design
  • The ability to quickly identify tractable lead series on a wide range of targets including many that have been deemed undruggable