Combining the power of DNA-encoded libraries with rational, computer assisted drug design to discover novel therapeutics for difficult to treat diseases.

X-Rx is a discovery-stage company with the capabilities and know-how to discover and develop first- and best-in-class small molecule medicines in a manner that is rapid, cost-effective and high quality. 

About X-Rx

Co-founded in 2012 by PPD as majority owner and X-Chem, X-Rx is a biotech company with more than 80 years of combined drug discovery and development experience.  The portfolio includes targets across a number of families with multiple series of chemical starting points. 

The X-Rx Advantage

X-Rx holds a collection of high value targets coupled with access to DNA-encoded libraries and strong competencies in structure-based drug design. X-Rx has the ability to quickly identify tractable lead series on a wide range of targets.

The X-Rx Pipeline

X-Rx has multiple leads at discovery phase in the following target areas: protein-protein interactions, epigenetics, kinases, ligases and GPCRs as well as access to new screens for novel targets.



X-Rx Displays Drug discovery expertise at the annual meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research

Dr. Mark Mulvihill, Vice President of Chemistry at X-Rx invited to present the following poster presentation at the American Association of Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2014, “Suppression of Bruton tyrosine kinase with X-022, a highly selective next-generation irreversible inhibitor”.